jeudi 6 juin 2013

ALL ABOUT MAKE-UP Even though fashion is my main passion and obsession, I've always been quite fascinated by make-up products. I feel like a good make-up adds a special touch to any outfit and creates a perfect harmony. Whether it's playing with a bold brow, a nude lip, a smokey eye or a bright orange lip gloss, I feel like make-up brings so much personality to a look, and to me, putting make-up on in the morning is just like dressing up : it's a great way to pamper, get a little creative and learn how to hide your little flaws and accentuate what's most beautiful and special about you. So it's kind of a learning process all the time!

I must admit that in terms of make-up I am not the genious, but I know my make-up routine very well and I try to perfect it every single day by using better products or trying to make improvements in the way I put my make-up on, wether it's in the quantity I use or in the gestures I make to apply it. So it's really about the details. For a long time, I've been buying drug store cosmetics thinking that it didn't make a difference with luxury products and blaming the price tag. With time I learned to appreciate quality over quantity. I have a little selection of my absolute favourite products, that are not only good for my skin but also a pleasure to apply every morning. Here are some of them.

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