mercredi 29 mai 2013

By James 

IGH STYLING IN ITALY One of our favourite things about travelling, and I say we because James 
and I both show a big interest in it, is discovering new treasure spots. Whether it's an architectural landmark, a fusion restaurant, a spa or a hotel like in this case. We already have an amazing partnership with the Park Hyatt in Zürich, their team makes us feel like home even if we are far away. And as the PH in Milano is situated right next to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, I couldn't avoid but spot the place and want to discover it from the inside. 
Like I told you, this hotel has probably the most amazing location possible in Milan, right next to the luxury shops of the Galleria and 5 minutes away from one of the best Gelateria in Milan, I am talking about Grom of course. We had the chance to stay in one of their deluxe room during our trip to Milan and enjoyed every second of this pure luxury lifestyle experience The interior of the rooms is set in warm and peacefull shades, with stone details and flower embelishments. We had to order a little room serive to try out their food, and I highly advise you the ricotta raviolis (gotta eat pasta while in Italy!). Hop on the little tour!

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